Our Mission

Our Story

Spruced Athletics originated when my friends and I began running races in Hawaiian Aloha shirts. The typical cotton shirt has its limitations in breathability and comfort. This became apparent during the humid Washington, D.C. summer and out west on desert and mountain trails.  

Making funky shirts out of athletic material would have probably remained an idea until an overtraining injury kept me out of the 2014 Boston Marathon. Looking to occupy an unexpected large amount of spare time with something other than being frustrated about running, I started taking sewing lessons. I picked out the San Francisco North Face Endurance Challenge 50k as my first race back, and made it my goal to learn how to make a shirt for that race. I finished that shirt (and the race), and knew that making running shirts was what I wanted to do.

Born out of a love for trail running, Spruced Athletics gets its name as an homage to the beauty I feel fortunate enough to encounter while logging miles in nature. It also conveniently describes our mission to "spruce up" your gear and look good while you're out there.

Thanks for visiting!

-Ben, Spruced Athletics Founder